Sofia's training and coaching style is based off Mongolian contortion, flexibility training, weight training, bodyweight conditioning and hand balancing. Beside the physical aspect of training, Sofia pushes her students to build a strong mindset as well, inspiring them through her own journey (she was not naturally flexible) and motivating them to fight off fear and self doubt, which can arise with this type of intense training. End result is a healthy, functional body able to move freely in its full range of motion, exploring its limits while reducing injury risk, feeling empowered throughout the learning process. Strength, flexibility, coordination, body awareness and balance are developed together with different techniques utilizing bodyweight exercises (focusing on core, shoulders, back and hips), ankle weights, elastic bands, gym tools (dumbbells, barbells, fitball)  and a whole range of dynamic, active, passive, static, isometric and PNF stretches.

I’m always learning something new and Sofia is always finding a new way to fold me, haha. I am usually stiff when we begin but at the end of our sessions my muscles and joints feel much more open. I enjoy her classes very much and would highly recommend her from beginner to advanced level flexibility.
— Dani