Such a great class! Loved the variety within stretches and the instructor’s knowledge of muscles and tendons.
— Jocelyn
I am loving these classes! I’m progressing at a good pace and have a lot of things to practice in my own time.
— India
trust what Sofia says and do what Sofia says to do. She’s right and her methods work! :):):)
— Joy
I had the luck to take a workshop with Sofia during her visit in Italy this last February. I immediately realized that flexibility training could have helped me greatly (I practice pole dance), I knew also though that stretching and contortion training are very delicate practices and I wanted to train with someone I trusted, like her. The only possible option, since we live far away, was to train online and I have to say it’s been a great choice! She’s an experienced and caring teacher, available to answer all your questions and especially able to give classes for any level. With her guidance and help, alongside my effort and constance, I improved quickly, I was really excited about it since I’m not 15 anymore.
— Veruska
I start my classes with Sofia couple of months ago and I have improved my flexibility gradually and I learn that there is so much to stretch in our body. I use to do simple stretching that people use in yoga or after aerobic etc. now I’ve learn thanks to Sofia that there is better way of stretching. I am very happy with my back and shoulders as I never been able or more like I never thought I could be capable of doing cobra without effort or being able to do back bend on elbows which I’m practicing and getting stronger at it. thank you Sofia you are great and I wish you best of luck with your classes :)
— Iwona