Everything starts with a wish

I know few things about life, one is: if you deeply, truly desire something, you will find a way to obtain it. It might take time, detours, efforts, sacrifices, sometimes you will doubt yourself; but if you stick to that desire, PLAN and ACT toward it, it WILL happen. I know this because 1. I've done it in the past 2. I learned it from one of my favorite books, the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It basically teaches you, if you want something from the bottom of your heart and go for it, demonstrating the universe through your actions the direction of your dream, the universe will help you and smooth out the path for you. This just happened to me. After several months of half-struggling in Chicago (The city life didn't fit me, even though I met wonderful people!) and not being sure if we'd have ever made it back to Vegas, we finally DID. Not only that, but we moved into a big, beautiful apartment I fell in love with, a new neighborhood that's practical and close to everything, the weather has been fabulous and not too hot, I got back into training with my coach (today!), I'm going back to teach at Pole Fitness Studio tomorrow and to perform/dance as well. I'm full of a happiness I waited long time to come, and I found an unstoppable energy in me. I will get what I want...because I'm patient, I work towards it incessantly and I believe nothing is impossible. I really think training my body has influenced a LOT my mind too, the way I make plans, act, behave; my outlook on life and goals has structure, just like a training routine :)

I deeply believe your mindset affects a lot the course of  your life, to simplify: "if you think bad, bad will happen, if you think good, good will". So stay positive, know what you want and WORK towards it. Do not freeze in doubts or worries, get up, dress up and GO/DO.


This sign was on State Street in Chicago, it took me a while to figure it out ;)

Come visit me if you're in Vegas at Pole Fitness Studio Tuesdays and Thursdays, or stretch with me online here.

Will come back with more updates soon! Sofia