mind connection

Body-mind sync and living the moment

In different occasions my hubby told me that there is one thing he really likes about me: the ability to deeply connect with the moment. He says whatever I do it looks like I'm very focused and into it. Not just with training, but with simple things as preparing dinner, cleaning, teaching an online class. I wish I was able to be like this all the times, connecting with the present is easy, staying connected is not. We all experience times where we wish we were somewhere else, doing something else... But I truly believe life is such a gift that can't be wasted by not focusing on the present, because the present is really all you have, past you can't have it back and future is not here yet. So I guess when I do something even of little importance, I try to focus on what I'm doing not just moving my body but being present mentally too. I strive to do a good job. I also aim to make my life enjoyable and not a drag, so that living the moment, any moment, is actually pleasant. The times where I'm in a bad mood or distracted or worried then I lose this connection, my mind can't focus and my body just go through the movements, there is a big empty hole between the two. The best connection ever I feel it when I train or teach, my body and mind sync so well, it's exhausting because my whole self is working hard and 100% into it. So really the secret to do a good job in anything is (beside liking what you're doing), being there 100% with your body and mind, become what you're envisioning to be, being present and focused without thinking what's next or things not relevant to what you're doing. We must train our mind as much as we train our body.

That's it for tonight. Ciao!