What training taught me about life

On good training days, toward the end of my practice, I enter this "super wise/happy" state ( thank you endorphins) where I understand very clearly some aspects of life, I get great ideas, think motivational quotes and overall I feel a positive attitude toward everything. It sucks that it doesn't last long, but if you can catch some of the thoughts you have during this state and write them down, it can help you on less-happy days. So today I was thinking how much I can relate contortion training (or training overall) with life. Those are some examples:

1. There will ALWAYS be good days and bad days. On good days you'll push yourself forward, on bad days you'll push yourself ... Just enough. But overall you'll always need a "fighter mentality", getting depressed or feeling miserable have really no benefits. You can be mad, cry, let it all out, but then pick yourself up and keep going. Nobody can do it for you, to get over something like a bad day there is only one way... Go through it.

2. Motivation will be high some days, low others. On low days, remember yourself why you do what you do, and think: "today is difficult, but if I go through this, I'll definitely be stronger tomorrow". Motivation helps and makes the journey enjoyable, but if one day is not there, doesn't mean you can take a break. Like a chore, just do it.

3. Pain, fear (as in challenge), fatigue. Life and training share those too. If you train your body to deal with those, your mind will learn and use this approach with different matters other than training. I'm a strong believer that strengthening the body strengthens the mind as well.

4. Patience, perseverance. With contortion I learned even more how important is to be patient. Whenever you want to build something solid, real and long lasting (like a skill, or career, education, relationship) you'll need time. Lot of it. If you stay committed and focus, you'll get there. You have to be serious with your intentions and don't get distracted.

5. Commitment and choices. In life you won't be good at everything nor you'll have everything you want, but SOME, yes. You'll make the conscious decision of what this will be (if you're lucky!), and dedicate your time to it, swear by it, love it and take care of it. Just like marriage, you'll have this approach to a person or a passion (mine is training! If you didn't get it yet lol).

That's it so far! My "high on training" is fading away :)



Finding what suits you : tailoring flexibility to your body

So last post I wrote about the most dramatic changes I felt after my first year of contortion ( btw I forgot to mention my bruised chin aha!), today I wanted to address another topic related to flexibility training, which is how to know what works for your body, what don't, what's worth to try and what is not.I primarily refer to people who start their quest for flexibility at a later age (over 20-25 yo), we have different bodies than kids of course, one of the main aspect that we lack compared to kids is: our body has a story already written on it, we are not a blank canvas anymore. You might have noticed kids can pretty much do anything, they don't have pre-existent injuries, imbalances and body-habits, because they didn't live enough to develop them yet ! But we did, and so we have to work either around injuries, work to correct imbalances and bad habits (postural or training induced). So you'll get frustrated because someone can do a certain move with ease, and you can't even get close to it. But then you'll find you're great at something else, while the same person you thought was better than you, can't. So this is what's interesting, you need to create the flexibility that your body is willing to accept! It can be very challenging and a long trial and error, but you need to give it time and see how your body react to the stretches, it will either take it and make it its own, or you'll have to find an alternative way to get in the pose you want to be, or either avoid the pose altogether.

There are things that with time you'll able to correct (like imbalances), other won't really happen, because again how your body has grown its own stubborn habits, or it will be because of your proportions (height, bone structure, torso-legs ratio etc), your background and lifestyle: those have all a huge impact on your ability to develop flexibility, you just have to find the right key (the right stretches) to open those doors, and sometimes there will be no key at all. For example, something I worked (and still work at it) to correct is, I have a tendency to drop my left hip lower when I do a chest stand (and I look crooked), if it wasn't for my trainer Otgo, I'd have never known. Something I'm not so good at, but it's worth keep trying: handstands, I don't think being almost 5'11 helps, but I can't even use it as an excuse. Something I don't think will ever get fixed: my aerial splits have a turn out so strong, I can correct it on the floor but in the air it's so natural to turn out that I can't avoid it, but I don't sweat on it, because I have a tons of other stuff to work on :)

So my message is: don't get obsessed to fit into a pose, without first testing out how your body feels about it. It is painful, uncomfortable, but it's getting better, almost each time ? Then go for it. It feels completely unnatural, painful, and simply not designed for you ? Then skip it, or you can always re-try again later on. But don't make excuses, it will always "hurts", to some degree ;) you just have to learn if it's a pain that your body will take to make remarkable changes and adjustments, or not.


Home injury

Yesterday I had a great workout, did chest (which I usually don't train) tri's and abs. In the afternoon I watched some new pole dancing videos on youtube and decided to give few new moves a try.While I was practicing twisted grip handspring, this happened


It wasn't funny at all... At first I panicked thinking I broke my foot. I couldn't walk and a big blue bruise started to form. Then I realized all the glass around me and noticed I had cuts on my legs. Thank God hubby came home and we disinfected the cuts, put ice on my foot and later on cleaned up the mess. It scared me!

I learned I should NEVER underestimate the length of my legs...!!! I tried every angle and thought I had enough room, well apparently not. Luckily I'm fine, don't think I broke anything, just a bad bruise...could have been worst! How ridiculous tho that I got the whole thing on camera? Ah


The world is dominated by forces, and the most powerful ones are love and hate. Good and bad if you like it better. I think of them as separate, but often times they melt together, alternate, overlap. I was thinking, for example, how I love and hate Vegas. I love it for its magic, surrealistic atmosphere, never-ending flow, lights, feels like living on a cloud of dream where you never wake up. I hate it for its shallowness, emptiness, irregularity, fiction, money-sucking game. Another example can be training. I love training more than anything, but do I love the days after legs? Feeling exhausted like today where all I could do was eating and rolling on the couch in pain...Ugh. What about when you love someone? Have you ever hated being so in love? Hating loving, knowing wasn't the right person for you? And your family? You love your parents but aren't they PROS to get on your nerves sometimes?

What about food. Don't you hate being hungry but boy how you love eating. I hate feeling hungry, but I love when I resist temptations, makes me "proud". And last but not least... your body. How many times I LOVED my body, felt so connected to it, thought how perfect was it in its own way... and other times HATED it, feeling trapped in it, carrying it around like a burden. It's weird how feelings work, and how our mind can sense extreme opposites for the same thing. I think that for everything you care about you'll always have STRONG feelings, sometimes contrasting. So where you put the most attention in your life, those forces will be flying around. I feel so Yin Yang today :)

Always like to end up my post with a new picture...

Took it one of those nights I love Vegas ;)

A day like another

Today has been so far a pretty boring day, but that's just me, maybe for you it doesn't look the same. So let's sum it all up till now, 6pm: Woke up around 8am, cooked some veggies for the day and got my breakfast ready, I eat everyday the same thing

I didn't go to do cardio on empty stomach because I had planned legs in the morning, and that's what I did after I cleaned up the kitchen and checked news/weather/Facebook. Then I went out and from 11am till about 1pm I was at the gym, my friend Kiara joined me once I texted her I was gonna do legs ;)

It has been raining all day so no beach, swimming or war with jellyfish (throwing jellyfish to each other is the newest shit in here! Lol).

Back home I ate a lot of good stuff: Brown rice, tuna, broccoflower, baked eggplants and cherry tomatoes. Plus this dessert

Carrots and greek yogurt with a spoon of... hate/love (PB).

I can't say I had a busy afternoon. I have so much free time lately because of summer time that I don't even like it anymore! But changes are coming SOON :)

So I stretched some more at home and practice a little pole


I'm such a clown!

That's it so far. Yea, boring life! ;)

I found the button!

My lower back is killing me. Today I talked with my friend Terry (do you remember my car-photoshoot post?Lol) and he's very knowledgeable about anatomy, trigger point therapy, foam rolling and stuff, so he tried to find where my pain originated and DAMN he found it. It's like he pushed a BUTTON! Auch Auch :(

So what I'm gonna do is trying to work that area with my Lacrosse ball either on wall or floor, stretch my whole back more and avoid squats amd deads for a while... :( I'm pretty sure it's muscle related, the pain is similar to the one I had on my upper back a while ago (yeah I'm a mess! Ahah).

I sometimes think I can do whatever and my body will follow, just because I'm young and I stretch a lot... It's not true! Never think you're indestructible. Be careful, which doesn't mean train like a pussy... just train SMART!!!

Random about boobs and happiness

I was looking through our family library and I found some old books of photography. I already knew the 80's were my favorite years, and after those shots I became even more sure about it    

I love how the breasts of those women are natural and complement the picture, instead of being the primary FOCUS of it. Today first you see the BOOBS, then maybe the girl in the pic. What prevail in our society are either anorexic models (mostly for Fashion) or bombshells all "tits and ass" (Glamour). Even Fitness is moving into the tits and ass direction. I do understand women who get implants because had cancer or other reasons that changed drastically their breast shape. I just don't like how we got to the point where boobs are so determinant in someone's look. I too was considering to get implants, but I wont. Why? I couldn't find a real reason beside "they'd look nice and give me more symmetry". But whatever, I guess I'll stay happily asymmetric.

Now, for my food pics lovers, here is a fresh apple cake I tried for breakfast. A friend of my mom made it and its 100%natural with all "ROC approved" ingredients... Lots of apple and little flour. Will post recipe!

This instead was dinner

On another note, it's so amazing how we live much more together here, how lunch and dinners are most of all gatherings to talk and see friends and family.

Seeing my brother this weekend made me so happy, and seeing my mom happy made me even happier :)

Ciao for now!


Day 5 and chilling

So yesterday I had a 10 hrs "carb load". I didnt do 24 hrs as planned, nor I reached the 740gr carbs I was supposed to. I felt very full at 540gr, so I stopped there. I think my body got "the message" (famine is over! Let's boost metabolism! Build muscle! Restore leptin, insulin levels! etc), and I was happy with that. I loved my carbs and was a very relaxing afternoon, I did a quick back workout in between meals but the carbs already were slowing me down, so I took it "easy".

Really love honey!

This morning I had a good cardio session and thrown some plyo in it as well. So today I'm back very low carbs and cals, still havent count them but I should be again around 1000. Just a quick update for you, I'm tired and will just chill tonight ;)

Talk soon peeps, have a great weekend!