Asian influence

Since I moved to Vegas few years ago, I couldn't help but notice that beside American, the majority of the city's population is Asian. There are several casinos Asian themed and a variety of Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese restaurants and shops.  Also my daily life is in contact with Asian culture: my coach is Mongolian, I have Japanese friends, one of my favorite spots in town is Korean (Imperial Spa!) and the best neighbor restaurant is Thai/Vietnamese. So definitely I've been discovering a lot about Asian food, religion, habits and customs, which I find very interesting and I cannot wait to go experience it in person, with a trip soon :) Today I was really craving some Korean food. There is this store in Vegas that my coach showed me, the Greenland Market, every time I go I feel I'm traveling to Korea, half of the stuff they sell it's not written in English so many times you're guessing what you're buying, unless you go with someone Asian lol. I find a lot of healthy choices, my favorite items to buy are pickled ginger, sashimi salmon, brown rice, seaweed, rice seasoning, green tea, kimchi and surprisingly they sell the best HONEY! A cactus honey from Arizona I really love (even though it's not Korean lol). There are many more things I'm sure I'd like, but so far that's what I learned to get. I get vegetables sometimes too, especially their chinese eggplants and sweet potatoes, which are reddish outside and white inside. They're amazing!

So today my lunch included these items

And I made a mini sushi myself !

This Korean Market also has a bakery section, I'd never imagine Korean pastries could compete with European, well I was wrong ! Every sweet looks like a soft and fluffy brioche, (in different shapes and with different flavors, some have cream cheese, some bean paste etc), the main ingredients are wheat, butter, milk, egg, sugar so not the healthiest, but without containing any colorant, preservative or chemical and to me that's a very important part. They're very fresh and sometimes I get a small one called Melon Bun, the name is a mystery because inside there are raisins instead lol.

Anyway I was in the mood to write a non-training post today. Hope you liked it :)

Are you influenced by any culture beside your original one?