I woke up today trying to give a sense to what happened last night in Paris, after more than 120 innocent people were brutally killed, attacked while out at dinner, watching a soccer game, singing at a concert, enjoying a night out like we all do, completely unaware of what atrocity was coming at them. I can't wrap my mind around it, I feel wounded, angry, worried, helpless for humanity. I know history teaches us there have been massacres since the beginning of times, there are everyday, with the press covering it on the news or not. But this to me is an attack I feel very personal, because close to my culture, my country, a serious insult to human values, freedom, democracy and I thought in 2016 we were a more civilized world, I guess not. Nothing changes and everything repeats again, wars, violence and deaths. We cannot forget nor let this keep repeating. Somehow (I'm not saying with prayers nor more bombs) a solution must be found. I got outside trying to find relief in my mind, I went to Target for some errands. What I felt while walking around the people there, it was something I didn't expect. I felt love and solidarity. I felt everyone going on with their life, carrying some degree of pain in their soul, worrying about the future and their own safety. I also saw kids running around, smiling their most genuine smile, with their strong, instinctive desire of serenity and happiness - that we all have deep inside ourselves. I still saw people kindness. I still felt the good around me, prevailing on the bad. I still believe there are more good people than bad ones. I still have hope. I still want to stand up and be strong, I don't feel safe in this world, but I want to be strong for who has been and is suffering, because it doesn't matter it didn't happen to me or my family or friends, it could have because I'm no different. I was just in another place. I'm writing this in a parking lot, with tears down my cheeks. I still want to believe we can be strong as a whole, united as human beings that care about other human beings. Suppressing the evil, because good is stronger. That's all.