Why online training is the best thing you can find when you're "coachless"

When I was looking for flexibility coaches, I had to do a long and grueling search that led me many times nowhere. Living in Las Vegas, you'd think I have it easy right? With all the shows, artists and performers. But the sad thing is, when you're "no one" in the business ( = you have no circus background or any performing art background) you're not considered as a potential, successful artist. It's nothing to be mad about, you just don't fit that elite, highly competitive category. But because I just wanted to be more flexible, I couldn't care less to fit. I just needed to find someone willing to understand my goal and give me a chance. I'm "stiff and old", but I have a great willpower, let me show u! In my search, there were either contortion or gymnastic coaches that wouldn't take adults (you're considered adult after circa 18-25 yo: they don't want to waste their time training a rigid, adult body that probably won't ever win or accomplish anything remarkable), yoga instructors (good for beginners, but my idea of backbending and splits/oversplits wasn't matching, plus I see yoga more as practice based, rather than flexibility based activity), ballet trainers (great lines for splits and posture, but back bending wasn't addressed), so I would always find something lacking and what was really meant for pure flexibility wasn't accessible for me, at 27 years OLD.

I began stretching with a savvy pole dancer (David Owen), who happened to be knowledgeable about body anatomy and flexibility, so his classes were of big help to get me started and fed greatly my motivation. I was still looking to advance in a more private and advanced setting though...

To my surprise, after sending an hopeful email, I was welcomed by a Mongolian contortion coach (Otgo Waller)! I was both thrilled and scared. The fact that she didn't send adults away, made me optimistic: I realized she was thinking outside the box, including all people who wanted to be flexible, despite their age or background.

Because flexibility is something that has been growing so much just lately, there is still not a lot of coaches open to this new category of non circus people, who are still eager to learn, improve and achieve important goals for themselves rather than performing for an audience of thousands at the Wynn hotel. Too often people get hurt because they either try to copy someone else's move, follow wrong video tutorials, train on their own lacking technique or just have a coach who doesn't understand their body mechanics and needs.

That's why I started teaching online. I wanted to reach out to those people and allow them, through my "learning as an adult" experience, to train not necessarily harder but smarter, lowering risk of injuries, showing them a constructive path, the mistakes to avoid, the exercises to warm up with etc.: all things I learned on my own body. There are other valuable coaches who offers online training, and I think it's a great method when in person training it's not possible. Even one class can answer so many questions, clarify doubts and boost your motivation. My advice is read about the person you're interested to train with and if you like their training approach, give it a try :)

You can learn more about mine here.