The unbearable unpredictability of flexibility progress

There are days where as much as you're trying to understand, nothing makes sense. Your rest is on point, you didn't tire yourself excessively, you're not stressed, not on your period, your sleeping schedule is great... yet your body decides to get stiff. If you're naturally flexible, you rarely have this problem. But if you're someone who has worked long and hard - and still do - to reach a certain level of flexibility, this is a perennial struggle. To be honest, now that I've been training my flexibility for few years, these episodes of unexplainable stiffness happen less often, I think because 1. my body slowly got used to this type of training 2. I know myself better, how long, how much and how often I can train without overdoing it.  But they STILL happen.

Today I feel every inch of my body is mad at me. My shoulders are hurting, my middle back is hard as a board, lower back aching left and right, hips going on strike. I still trained but I know I was pushing through, and I don't like that feeling -pushing through - I like better "going with it". Going with it days are intense, smooth, challenging but somehow fun and exciting. Imagine riding your car windows down, music loud, on a beautiful spring day. Pushing through days are more like "please let this end soon": plain uncomfortable and painful (riding your car under a storm). But as I said this before a while ago, progress in not an upright arrow. More like a wavy, unpredictable, straight line, which slowly but surely goes up, but  you can't see it on a daily basis. That's why you can't give up. Any day, especially the bad ones. You have to embrace the shit day and do what you can, without getting mad - even though I do get mad! Because I feel disconnected from my body. My mind questioning what the fuck was wrong, and my body silently staying shut, unreachable, unreadable, far.

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So when training (and in my case stretching) becomes such an important part of your life, your mood and balance often depends on it, and if it goes not the way you planned to go, you mentally suffer. You feel weaker and look for reasons, that just never come to you: you just have to take it, your body today wasn't gonna follow you, it'll be back but not today.

You'll always gonna have better dayz, those are the ones you train for and look forward to. But you never get rid of the bad ones, just like in life.