Essential oils, body purification and closer connection to the body's needs

Since I came back from my trip to Italy, I've been going through a mini revolution inside. I realized there are some changes I wanted to do for long time but never fully committed to, I've been often in a mental state of "I want to do so many things" but accomplished very few. Every trip - especially those where you see your family and old friends - stirs up many emotions inside, this time for the better. I have a new energy that feels very sharp and focused. I want to optimize my time and be productive as much as possible. I want to read, study, learn more, be open to new concepts as well.

When I was in Italy I met an old friend which introduced me to essential oils. She's very knowledgeable about nutrition and well-being, meditation and dealing with emotions, it's always been her passion. So at first I was a little skeptical because I thought she wanted to sell me something - and when people are driven by sales instead of real quality and passion - I immediately say no. But I know her for long time and I can say she's not like that, she wanted to share with me something she loved and made her life better. So I went to one workshop about essential oils she hosted in Milan, and I was intrigued. Not only these oils smelled delicious, but they seemed powerful. She explained how a few drops absorbed topically (through skin absorption), aromatically (in a diffuser) or internally (in water to drink) could affect mood, energy, focus, respiratory, digestive, immune system and so on. I've always been interested in natural remedies because I hate medicines, drugs and artificial chemicals. I'm a strong believer that the body, if given the best condition, can heal itself in so many ways, we just need to promote and stimulate this process, in the most natural way possible. Unfortunately when we get sick or in pain, we were taught to take antibiotics or painkillers, which are just quick solutions to treat a condition (not cure) and have so many negative side effects plus being strongly toxic and acidic to the body.


When back home, I got my first order (12 oils, which 4 of them are blends) and I've been experimenting. There is so much to learn about these extremely pure and powerful oils, and I'm just in the process of getting to know more about each one of them. Being very conscious about my feelings and my body, I'm quickly seeing each oil's benefits and how they interact. Right now I'm really loving this mix I create: Lavender, Frankincense, Serenity (and Deep Blue). Lavender is calming and relaxing, Frankincense is anti inflammatory and balancing, Serenity is a blend of other calming oils (chamomile, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Lavender) and Deep Blue is a special soothing mix of oils specific for sore and tense muscles (the perfect blend for people who train a lot like me!). I mixed about 6 drops of the first three in 2 oz fractionated coconut oil (the one kind that stays liquid) and I apply it all over my body before bed, I also apply 3 drops of Deep Blue on specific areas (usually shoulders, back or where I'm sore). I've been sleeping so well and profoundly :) I'll continue updating you with my essential oils experience and the more I found out the more I'll be able to suggest ways to use them for whoever is interested.

Another thing I'm going to do, regarding my diet, is reducing wheat, dairy and red meat (I still like organic fish and poultry), just find these three categories heavy on digestion. Vegetables are always on top of my food list, can't live without them really. So essential oils and diet adjustments are my two updates on keeping my body clean, skin radiant, healthy digestion and nutrient absorption, plus a happy focused mood. You know it all starts from what you eat!

Lastly, I'm happy to see that I keep learning from my training. Maybe the biggest lesson I learned is this one: training is not a competition, the real goal is keep going in the healthiest, most careful, smartest way. I don't train to have my body suffering from more injuries in the future, but I train to keep improving while minimize them. I evolve with my body, I grow with it, it's my truest and realest companion really, the last one I will separate from ;) so I don't redo what hurt or injured me in the past, I don't repeat the same mistakes. That is what you should do with your training. Don't stress if you can't do something, it either needs more time or (if it hurts in  bad way) you need to let it go. Focus on all the other things you can do and your body is happier to do!