I'm an athlete, what should I eat?

There is so much confusion about nutrition, that is hard to make the right choices when it comes to food. First of all, if you're an athlete (or you're just active, train often etc) you should KNOW how important is to fuel your body properly. But what is proper? No carb? Carb? Fat? How much? When? Should I become Vegan? Is it healthier? Should I eat gluten free? I'm just gonna tell you a few mistakes you might be doing, worth to correct ASAP. So here you go:

  1. You think black or white. Either you eat 100% clean, avoid a bunch of stuff like animal products, dairy, wheat (without a reason)... or it's junk on top of junk. Trying to be too strict won't work, instead make sure you include daily meals that contain complex carbs + vegetables + protein + healthy fats. Example? Dark greens salad (avoid creamy dressings, oil and balsamic are great!), grilled chicken, avocado, rice. Keep it SIMPLE.You had pizza for lunch? Ok, then you have to make dinner a healthy one.
  2. You read labels instead of ingredients. Wrong. Labels can say the hell they want: all natural! Healthy! Good for you! Pfff right, they're just trying to sell. Educate yourself by reading the ingredient list: first item is the main one present, last one the least. Knowing what you're putting in your body is important, so you avoid more efficiently loads of crap. Also keep in mind, when it says FAT or SUGAR FREE there's probably lot of chemicals and even worst fillers to make up the lack of fat/sugar.
  3. #3 You don't think balanced. Switch it! That means, if your eating out or home, don't grab the first thing you see (carbs on top of carbs with a side of carbs), try to make your meal a balanced one, which contains a source of protein, fibrous carbs (veggies), complex carbs and healthy fats. If you think that way you'll automatically make better choices. You don't have much at home? Once I made scrambled eggs and a box of cous cous for dinner, wasn't amazing, but still decent. Try to keep healthy stuff in the pantry too!
  4. You don't know which food is actually HEALTHY. Ok here I simplify for you ! Anything minimally processed is healthy. Think fish, meat, poultry, Greek yogurt, eggs (protein). All vegetables (fibrous carbs): grilled, lightly sautéed, steamed. Fruit (small amounts because high in sugar, even if natural). Rice, potatoes, quinoa, oats (complex carbs that the body manages best, wheat is fine just not the best source, this doesn't mean a slice of bread will kill you, you probably eat worst stuff ;) ). Nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, natural PB, avocado etc (healthy fats). Avoid sauces, processed foods, frozen meals, sweets, drinks with CALORIES...it's all crappy sugar. Sugar consumption is #1 problem, not fat.

So this are 4 points I find very important to understand. There is a LOT more... But I don't wanna make this post 10 pages long. Just by correcting your approach to food you'll find yourself nourishing your body better, with higher quality food and less stress about it. It's ok to eat something bad here and there (I love pizza and Garrett's popcorn...ops), if your diet is most of the times balanced and healthy. It's not ok to eat crap all the times, drink alcohol every night and think 3 day detox will fix it all. That's BULLSHIT ! Eat well, your body deserves it :)

You shouldn't be surprised I have a mug shaped like a vertebra!