Traveling is food for the soul

On my way back to Chicago, summing up another trip filled with positive energy, sun, friends, training and meditation time to clear my mind about indecisions that were laying still and weighting heavily in my head. I consider myself a "go-getter", I believe in fate but I don't rely my life on it, I think when there is a will there is a way, action planning and hard work are the keys. I like to travel because I find it very stimulating, every trip leaves me with bigger motivation and desire of optimizing my time and life. I hate to waste time or spending it complaining or feeling unhappy. I like to find solutions. Traveling is really food for the soul, like a good book, it's nourishment for the mind. Being from Italy and been traveling since little, made me very interested in different cultures and habits, it got me more open-minded and willing to learn from others lifestyle, like kids at Halloween fill up their bags with the candy they like, I do the same with the things I learn, I put them in my own "experience bag" and with every travel, I do an estimate of where I am with my life, future plans, job, goals, where can I make improvement, what is lacking attention etc. You need to revision and update. Your life is never the same, it changes slowly but constantly, so it's good to take a moment sometimes and look at it objectively and ask yourself, am I happy? What can I do to improve my life? Are the people close to me happy? Do I have direct influence on their life? If so, you have to include them into your decisions and thoughts. So my soul feels full and smiling, like a fat Buddha ;)