Think simple, think now

When I was little I remember having a view on life extremely simple (of course!) where my parents basically were everything for me and all I wanted to do was play with what was around (sand, trees, rivers, grass... everything was so interesting!), then growing up year by year I discovered more things and meet more people, found new interests, fell in love, travelled, learned more about myself and what I wanted to do as an independent adult. The beautiful thing of it all is that I never forgot that long time ago I was a little girl with a very simple view on the world and a great curiosity. Now when I see a picture of me at 6, 10, 16 yo, it amazes me that I still remember how I was FEELING and THINkiNG at that age. Growing up I discovered that life wasn't always simple and easy, problems, stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, those were the new feelings I was encountering, along with passion, motivation, satisfaction, freedom; like a scale, life was putting on the plates equal good and bad things, but now I can say mostly good :) While I approach my thirties (next year!) I'm realizing every day more how much I like my life better as I get older. I have no desire to get old in my body, but my mind get wiser and I'm more confident with my life choices. I still have in the back of my mind that little me, when I feel down I listen to her. She still sees life in a very simple way and remind me that most of my worries are not big deals, if there is a problem there is also a solution. When I try to keep that outlook on life, I'm more positive and focused in the present. Present time is what really matters, because the past is gone and the future is not here yet. So while sometimes we let ourselves get lost into negative emotions, make an effort to shake them off and think as you did when you were a child. That child in you has the best outlook on life!

Btw, I just got to Vegas, will post more about my visit in the next days ;)