5 Foods worth to have in your life

As you all know I eat clean all year around, I've been like this since I was little, my family raised me with simple whole food, barely processed, never artificial. So if you'd ask me the question "What would you eat if you wouldn't get fat or sick?" I'd honestly tell you, I really like what I eat, maybe I'd have more carbs, but I'd never be like "Oh I'd eat cakes cookies bread and fried food" because most of common junk food either I don't even know how it tastes (not kidding... I never had an Oreo or Twinkies or marshmallows crackers, those American sweets are unknown to me!) or I just find it so disgustingly sweet or too flavor-rich. My taste buds are virgin to very bad food :) BUT...

There are foods that I don't eat everyday, that are totally worth to have sometimes. I categorize food as nourishment, but we can't deny it's a pleasure of life too. Taste is there for us to enjoy :) So those are my top 5 outside-regular-diet foods:


Sweet potato fries. Here in Vegas it's insane the amount of good places where to eat. I love the sweet potato fries from Todd's English Pub at Aria (they also have a great tuna burger on multigrain bun).


Loaded potato skins. Blame it on my husband. The first time he dragged me into TGIF, I was like "Ugh". But then... revelation. I found a grilled chicken and broccoli option (yay!) and those damn potato skins. They are addicting.


Nutzo. If you are big on nut butters, you know this guy. It's basically the most crunchy-nutty-delicious-tasty nut butter you'll ever try. It's not unhealthy but the amount you'll end up eating probably is. Don't buy it if you can't control your hunger... it's dangerous.


Garrett's Popcorn. Blame it on my husband #2. A shop just opened here in Vegas and Todd has been raving about those cheese popcorns. I was like, what the... they're just popcorns in the end. Mmmm... NOT. They are edible cocaine.


PIZZA. It can't be Domino's or whatever has a crust, some tomatoes and cheese. It has to be thin crust, fresh tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella. Preferably imported from Italy. Naples style

And this completes the list. What's yours? What is a food you eat that is so good you don't even feel guilty. Those are my choices!!!