You are... who you surround yourself with

I consider myself a "sponge" person, lol. I don't really know how to say it, but by that I mean, I absorb people energy, mood. Sometimes I can get excited, inspired or depressed, unmotivated depending on who's around me. I'm not the kind of person who has a shield around, whatever happen is not touched, affected. Also, when I hang around people without goals or life structure, I feel uncomfortable and out of place. When I talk with people with drive, interests, knowledge, experience, passion for what they do, my heart smiles and all the hopes about the world being a meaningful place shine profusely. I think it's very important to surround yourself with people like you, and also, moving on from people who has not "evolved" or grown up from the past as you did instead. Like those friends that are past their thirties and pretend to live like it's still college time, for example. I'm not telling you to analyze all your friends and get rid of some like you'd do on facebook lol, but consider what is keeping you close to someone in the first place. Work? Hobbies? Childhood? School? The more you grow up the less friends you'll have close to you, make sure those are supportive, valuable, long-lasting friendships. Beside friends, family and spouse (if you have one!) are important as well. Even tho they might not fully understand you at times (why is she doing contortion now??), they still love you. Bottom line: Create around you a positive environment of reciprocal respect, acceptance and support. Don't get carried away by people who doesn't match your ideals, values, lifestyle :)

Keep stretching!