Thoughts on "Contorture"

Just jumped on the 202 Flamingo bus after waiting a good 10min under the burning heat, feeling drops of sweat running down my back, my hair getting sticky under my hat. I'm on my way to the studio where I train for contortion. "Contorture", as I'm calling it lately. It takes me about an hour and a half to get there, need to switch bus half way and walk 10min. I'm hoping to get the second bus on time, otherwise I have either to wait another 30min or get a cab. From my house, it's 30$ to get there with a cab, and the class is 15$ for 75min, can't afford to pay both (even tho I did it few times). I don't drive because I don't own a car (I'm scared and hate to drive) and asking for a ride sometimes it's just too much, given that it's a pretty long drive back and forth. I remember the first time I attended the class, I wasn't sure I wanted to come back. Very painful, I felt light-headed and sore, not sure I needed it. But then I went back. And again, again.

I don't know what keeps me coming back. It's a hell of a trip, Vegas is terribly hot in the summer. And once I'm there, I'm in pain almost for the whole duration of the class. Even tho the more I've been "contorting", the more my body has been accepting the stretches, making spaces between each vertebrae, elongating muscles and ligaments, allowing me to dig into this new love-illusion of being boneless, supple and strong. I develop a sort of "mini anxiety" every time I go, I know I'll be in pain, and I'll be scared of the "squish" (when the teacher pushes you beyond what you think your limits are, like a passive stretching), but that's exactly why I come back. I'm looking forward to that relieving pain, that forced stretch that I know I would hardly reach on my own (lately I've been doing pretty good by myself tho!). I leave that class stronger and supplier, I feel relaxed, loose, mind and body are in full connection,I breathe deeper. Fears dissolve and a feeling of accomplishment and happiness take place.

Beside moments of intense discomfort, standing on your chest, lying in a oversplit, back bending, grabbing your feet past your head release an overall feeling of well-being, just like a yoga class would do. Only difference, this is not yoga. Leave meditation outside, bring your focus, determination and pain tolerance in. Contortion is like the "Crossfit" of yoga.

I also gotta say I have a wonderful teacher. I think a good student-teacher connection is fundamental. There has to be trust, reciprocal respect and esteem, also passion to teach on the teacher behalf and passion to learn from the student. It's a very magical bond. I don't think I'd be liking to do a demanding class with a teacher I don't trust or look up to. So I feel lucky for that, to have such a caring, experienced, professional teacher (David Owen) when doing Contorture lol.

I have an hour left, I'm mentally preparing already... Wonder what kind of pose I'll find myself into this time. Talk later ;)