Circus training

No more just stretching sessions, foam rolling, yoga and what have you. I decided to give it a try: I'm gonna train to advance my flexibility to the max, and what's better than training with contortionists and first class performers, directly from Circus de Soleil? I attended my first class on Sunday at Shine fitness, a studio managed by Circus professionals here in Vegas. Spacious, peaceful and super friendly people. The class from the beginning was no joke. We focused mainly on back flexibility (my request lol) and I was surprised to see how many ways (unknown to me) there are to stretch your neck, vertebrae, lumbar muscles. For example, laying with our stomach down, we used a belt to wrap one foot around, pulling our leg up and reaching back with our hands. The teacher, David Owen, was also following each student individually by "squishing" (Circus terminology!) the pose we were holding for 5-10 seconds. I never felt so much tension in my body, I thought my shoulders were gonna pop out and my back break in two!

Overall was an amazing experience that I'm determined to repeat every Sunday. I don't wanna work in the Circus but I'm really interested in learning new techniques to be the most flexible I can be. After class (I did almost 3hrs, pole as well) I had a big tasty meal, hot bath and cuddle time with hubby :) Watch out Circus, I'm down for the challenge!!!