Just got back from a week in Miami where I got a chance to see my friends and relax, away from busy Vegas. Last weeks have been pretty exciting, my first pole photo shoot came out great and I started to teach pole dancing as substitute and soon will be certified and ready to be a teacher in full. Even tho weight training will always be my first love and passion, I'm looking forward to teach and learn from this new experience. Some pics from the shoot


I have been working more intensely on my pole skills and stretching, I really want to advance fast and be more and more flexible, even tho it's hard to combine gym training with pole, the two don't get along well. Weights make you sore and stiff, to be able to do pole work you need to stretch and be nice and fluid... so I kept my three heavy weight sessions (CAN'T stay away from weights too long!) and added double stretching and pole, minimizing cardio to one session a week. Seems to work ;)

I'm also excited because the weather is getting warmer, pools are opening and the upcoming months are the best of the year!  This is me today at Wynn

Lol not my best pic but such a nice day out here :)

So yeah, life is an evolution, some moments we stop and feel stuck, but those moments are the ones that propel us forward later on. I accept the evolution and I bring my body into it as well, as my mind evolve, my body has to follow.

Wish you a good Sunday!