Home injury

Yesterday I had a great workout, did chest (which I usually don't train) tri's and abs. In the afternoon I watched some new pole dancing videos on youtube and decided to give few new moves a try.While I was practicing twisted grip handspring, this happened


It wasn't funny at all... At first I panicked thinking I broke my foot. I couldn't walk and a big blue bruise started to form. Then I realized all the glass around me and noticed I had cuts on my legs. Thank God hubby came home and we disinfected the cuts, put ice on my foot and later on cleaned up the mess. It scared me!

I learned I should NEVER underestimate the length of my legs...!!! I tried every angle and thought I had enough room, well apparently not. Luckily I'm fine, don't think I broke anything, just a bad bruise...could have been worst! How ridiculous tho that I got the whole thing on camera? Ah