How to "clean eat out"

Lately more than in the past I find myself eating out. I've always been a good cook and enjoyed home meals, but sometimes, for a reason or another, a lunch or dinner away from home is the way to go. Unlike my past beliefs, clean eating in restaurants has become quite possible. Here's a list of meals and restaurants I'd pick, based on the type of cuisine: American

My favorite places so far are Gran Lux and Cheesecake factory. Mostly because they offer a variety of food and accommodate any request you have without problems. I get usually grilled chicken breast (dry), side of steamed broccoli or sautéed wild mushrooms. Their big salads are awesome (no dressing, I use only balsamic vinegar), either with shrimps, chicken or salmon (I avoid cheese, bacon, croutons). If you love burgers, Gran Lux Chop House Burger with avocado and mushrooms is delicious! (No bun no fries).


I LOVE carpaccio (Olive oil on the side, I just like lemon juice on it). Best Vegas carpaccios: Olives at Bellagio and Terra Rossa at Red Rock Hotel. As main corse, I stick to simple grilled chicken breast and sautéed spinach. I don't do any pasta or pizza (remember I'm wheat free), but if you'd be in the mood, you gotta try pizzeria "Settebello" in Handerson. They get their ingredients directly from Naples, Italy; also their salad with pine nuts and artichokes is great. In Miami I used to really like Carabba's.


Sushi samba is very good (but expensive). It's hard to go wrong here, just avoid tempura, cream cheese, teriaki or any sauce beside soy sauce or ponzu sauce. California rolls with brown rice and sashimi are a classic.


I'd never EVER liked Chinese... Untill I tried PF Chang's Sea Bass. I get only that dish and I never get tired of it. It's just so GOOD (sauce and brown rice on the side).


The best steakhouse IN THE WORLD is Prime One Twelve in Miami Beach. I dare you to find a better place. Their beef tartare and filet mignon are top quality. I really like Morton's too, I make sure they don't put any butter on the meat (why do they do that!?) and order lots of sides: either grilled asparagus, steamed broccoli, spinach, baked potato (I usually eat only chunks of skin lol). Rib eye or skirt steak are other good choices, a little more fatty, but very tasty.


I used to order these delicious oatmeal pancakes along with my mushrooms-onions egg white omelette (dry, with tomatoes on the side instead of bread) at Blueberry Hill, now I get just oatmeal. Other great breakfast places here in Vegas are Egg and I ( they have a wide variety of pancakes, once I had whole wheat ones with cashews and blueberries) and Peppermill.

I didn't include Indian, Thai or other cuisines because I just don't know about them and not a fan of them ;)

Now if you come to Vegas you got some directions where to enjoy tasty, clean meals!