Eventually things turn out fine

I remember being very little like 6 yo (?) and thinking " how am I gonna lace my shoes when I grow up?" "How am I gonna cut my own nails when my mom doesn't do it for me anymore?". It's funny to think that we always deal with problems which fit our age. Those were problems for me at that time. Then they evolved as I was growing up, something like "how will I be independent and make money?" Or " will I be able to live a "normal" life including dating someone, traveling, going out with friends and not base my life on training and dieting only?". Things like this I had thought about, because I always been very controlling on my life and wanted to solve and know ahead how I would have behaved with things I needed to deal with evetually. What is wonderful about life is that often times the less you obsess about something the easier it is to find a solution. It's similar to when you're sick: you worry about getting better, and the more you worry the slower you are to actually get well. Instead when you just relax and say "oh well, it will go away" soon enough you're not taking any medicine and don't even realize you got well. So I think in life there are times where for sure you gotta make decisions which require some wise thinking and doing, but I learned that you should let life solve things for you as well. I had to learn to "relax"( which doesn't mean being lazy or passive) and go with the flow of life and my heart, which knows a lot about my dreams and hopes, more than my mind, which I think held mostly worries, doubts, insecurities, fears and too much thinking in general.I'm 26 now and a LOT of what I once considered problems are now far behind me, and I'm getting stronger and stronger, the more flexible I am toward life, the less I'm stressed or too controlling, the stronger I get. My life is richer every year!... And a lot has yet to come.

Almost home, landing in about an hour (I was in Miami this weekend :)), can't wait to hug hubby and eat!!! Hope he's in the mood for steak... :P Ciao Ciao