My diet and training - Vegas update

Hi blog people!I just finished shoulders and abs, now cooling down on bike. Yesterday was legs and stretching, I took this pic

I'm glad I finally see my back arching more, I've been working on getting more flexible especially lower back.

I wanna give you an update on my diet and training, just to let you know where I'm at and also do a little review for myself.

I'm always having my 3 days of heavy weights, which are legs, back and shoulders. I throw in triceps and abs in one of those three workouts.

Cardio has been decreased to 2 intense and 1 medium/light sessions a week.

I don't train twice a day anymore, only in the morning about 1.5-2 hrs, after breakfast.

Pole dance, foam rolling and stretching every other day in the afternoon.

My schedule has changed since I moved to Vegas so those have been my adjustments!

My diet consists of 4 meals, breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner.

My proteins come from egg whites, chicken breast, lean red meat, fish, yogurt O%.

Carbs are oats, sweet potato, whole wheat bread, vegetables, green apples, sometimes brown rice.

Fats are nut butters, fatty fish, cocoa, rarely parmesan cheese and olive oil (I have an obsession with carpaccio lately lol).

If I go out for dinner I often get a steak and vegetables, if it's lunch can be sushi. You see I'm not as strict as before but still ;) Anyway you'll never see me eating fried, candy or dessert... EVA!

Funny pic of the day: me trying to fit in those "things for kids to ride"... lol reminds me Alice in Wonderland when she suddenly grow huge in the house


Cheers for now!