Sin City runners

Despite the fact that Vegas is known as the most extravagant, hangover, reckless city in the world (I guess so?), that doesn't mean you can't get your fitness going ;) Actually to my surprise, I had noticed already a while ago that a lot of athletes, fitness Pros, body builders and performers live here. Why? What do they do in a city that for the majority of people it's hard to survive past the third day?

Because Vegas is the city of SHOWS and ENTERTAINMENT. Think Cirque de Soleil, think Olympia. And let me tell you, GYMS over here are kickass. Hard core, well equipped, spacious. Las Vegas Athletic Club has even an indoor track. Great spots to eat healthy as well. Oh and the most wonderful WHOLE FOODS store!

This morning me and Mr. X (my bf, should I reveal his identity or not? Lol) went out for an early cardio session and we decided to run on the Strip, was great to see several other people doing the same and not only leftover human beings dragging knocked out from the night before!

Feels great to come home after cardio am, like if the hardest part of the day is over already ;)

On another note, I'm still thinking about Miami... it has been hard to leave for good, I get so attached to places. But this new life is exciting and I was ready for a change... yes very much.

Plus Vegas is delirious. I mean, look at this

Yes, get married and not even leave your car. Tunnel of love ah!

Cheers blog people, a kiss from another local attraction lol