Leaving Miami

I started packing this morning, and I couldn't help it but feeling a big knot in my stomach. Leaving Miami has always been impossible for me. Since the moment I got here in February 2006 I felt a magic connection with this place, like I had found where I needed to be. I experienced my personal growth, learned to live by myself, fulfilled my desire of adventure, discovered what I love to do. I left Miami only twice: one time because I wanted to see California and how was living there- after few months though I was missing Miami so badly I came back. The other time I left Miami and I moved to Las Vegas. Not only it was too crazy for me, but also I couldn't stand to live in the desert surrounded my nothing.

Next week I'm moving again to Vegas. Lol!

So of course you might be asking yourself, "why the hell??"... Well this time is different. If before my travels were dictated by a deep desire of adventure and new, now it's more because of someone I met. Yes, this mysterious someone lives in Vegas and I usually would NEVER just LEAVE and GO like this, but I spent a pretty good amount of time with him and we get along very much. I felt sick of Miami and being by myself all the time, so I decided it was worth the risk: I want to see if I can live with another person in a crazy place like Vegas.

I know what Miami can give me: FREEDOM (which is what I love the most about it) a car-free life, nature, ocean, sun, awesome weather, amazing places- and closer than any other US place to my Italy. But that's just about it. I didn't find love or job opportunities or any other chances to grow. I think Miami gave me a lot, but its time to let it go. I have the feeling I kept "pushing" to be here lately, but I wasn't that happy as before. I need to leave this paradise and keep growing somewhere else. And it looks like it will be Vegas with a new guy :)

I know one day I will be back. I love you Miami!!!!!!

 sunset on the bay

 happy me in 2008 :)