Olympia and happy times in Vegas

Once again I found myself in Vegas, I lost the count of how many times I came here this year, for a reason or another... Olympia weekend is happening now, this is my third time and I'm finding it less and less appealing... even if I always enjoy the Expo crowd and excitement you feel in the air, it's the same thing each time. I have similar feelings about competing, I did it in the past (Model, Figure), it's fun at first but it gets old, unless you're making a career out of it. I guess I'm moving on with my life and my concept of fitness is evolving into something not just physical but spiritual, I feel the urge to be confortable in my skin as in peace with my thoughts and include variety in my days and future prospectives. I'm not saying I'm growing apart from loving training, clean eating, modeling etc, I'd never be bored of them especially the first two because they made me who I am. I will always train and eat clean to support my health and training results, I just want to implement, add, enrich my life with experiences beside fitness.

I feel bad because I haven't been blogging for long, but so many things are happening in my life and I couldn't find some quiet time to just sit and write it out, all I can say for now is that I'm HAPPY.

It's funny how sometimes you spend months or years doing same things day in day out, then in a matter of few days/weeks everything gets switched up! But only if you are open to life and willing to give opportunities a try ;)

I promise I'll post more about my staying in Vegas, now I just wanna share this funny pic I took today, I was racing in the parking lot of the grocery store like a maniac lol

I get content with little... just take me grocery shopping ahah

Talk soon!