Stuff your pepper! Awesome post workout meal

This is my favorite meal so far, thanks to my mom who taught me to do it :) STUFFED PEPPERS!

Here's the recipe, low-fat and no wheat, just few simple ingredients and the right tips to make them delicious :P

What you need (make 3 servings):

3 bell peppers, I like to pick them in different colors

150 gr tuna (avoid albacore, is the highest in mercury)

3/4 cup brown rice (approx 1 cup cooked rice for each pepper)

2 tbsp olive oil

1/4 cup capers



Turn on oven at 350F.

Wash the peppers, cut away the top, remove seeds inside, sprinkle salt and leave them face down on a paper towel to lose some water.

In the mean time cook the rice in salted boiling water.

When rice is done, rinse and add to it the tuna, capers, olive oil, stir.

Take the peppers and stuff them, really pressing the rice down so they are nice and full :)

TIP: do little incisions on side of peppers with a fork or knife, so the skin cooks nice and soft and rice absorb flavor better.

Put them on a ceramic or glass dish in the oven, let cook AT LEAST one hour. The more they cook, the sweeter they get.

Take them out and, VERY IMPORTANT, let sit few hours before you eat them. Even better, cook them at night for the next day. The more they sit, the better they taste!

Pepper distruction! Lol

Buon appetito :)