Few things to think about

You won't live in peace with yourself if you don't accept few things in life. Death: like or not, you'll die. Boooo! Don't be scared. There is nothing you can do anyway.

Love: at least one time in your life you'll fall in love. Do not run away from it. Let it melt your heart and poison your mind. Embrace love and the weakness it brings. You'll look stupid, maybe you'll suffer but it will be beautiful and worth it. Nobody is immune from love and there is no vaccine, so deal with it.

Your body: you are not your body.

Your body is like a box someone put you in to live this material life. Look at your hands, legs, feet. It is so weird but sometimes I feel imprisoned. I feel I wanna get out of my body/box, I feel I hate how it changes with time, how it's gonna get old and ugly, how fat and soft can get, how sometimes behaves in a way my mind totally doesn't ask for.

We have no choice but take care of this container we are in. It's a gift and can be enjoyable... Better to love it. So I chose to take care of it and make it strong and fit. I don't care if one day I'll be old and what's left of me will be just ashes. I wanna live at my best, mentally and physically because what if there is nothing next, this might be my only chance to be happy and enjoy my material life. And you need a healthy body to do that.

We need to accept our being human. Fear, insecurity, pain, desire, weakness, doubt, anxiety, depression, all this mixture of "horrendous" feelings. It's hard to control your emotions because we all want to be strong and positive all the time. But that's not the way we were made. Do what you love most, do your best, but don't beat yourself up if you aren't the way you want all the times. Imperfect, that's the world and so do we.

Accept doesn't mean be content though. Who's content never made it that far. Work your butt off for what you truly love, either being the CEO of a big company or learning to walk on your hands. Who cares in the end? It's all about spending this life the best way we can, knowing that the more we do things we love, accepting our nature and "humanity", the easier it gets to be happy, in peace.