The cost of a big fat nothing

How many times I've seen it: a young pretty girl, sitting at a table of a fancy restaurant, laughing and winking at an old guy which could have been at least her father, if not her grandfather. It's not that it bothers me (maybe a bit, but in the end it's not my business), but today I got to see something that made me think. Someone I "know" on Facebook posted a photo-story of her night out with this old rich man she "fished". The sequence is: picture of her at a fancy restaurant, picture of the fancy table, chairs, bathroom, picture of a bottle of Cristal, several pictures of elaborate japanese food (tons of them actually). Then the scene moved on to the house of the guy, big luxury condo, spacey living room and a wall with collection of wines and champagnes. Then suddenly it's morning (...), so picture of the balcony facing ocean view and some other pictures of the house.

Beside her poor attention to the fact that everyone would figure what kind of girl she is, what made me think was the following: the total absence of PEOPLE in the pictures. Objects were protagonists. The story of a night, the story of the essence of it all: a big fat NOTHING.

It amuses me how this "nothing" can be so appealing. I went out to expensive restaurants, I've seen some sick luxurious hotels, cars etc. Ok exciting, fun. But after you stuff yourself on oysters, caviar, bottles of Rosé, have a ride on Lambo or yatch... then? Is that what you aim for in life? Is that what you call freedom, to have money and not worry about it? Is shopping making you feel happy? I don't get it. It gets to the point where people just use each other. He uses her beauty, she uses his money. She's the sexy geisha, he's the fat walking wallet. But they don't wanna see it this way.

You don't have to tell me "well being broke kinda sucks way more" because I know, it's not fun. But I also know best things in life you can't buy, and what makes life worth to be lived is not money. That is something I LOVE about life.

Everyone is free to live as they wish. But there is nothing more exciting to me than being independent, work, going home, close the door and not having to deal with a bunch of pretentious bullshits.


I'm having a good time these days, training twice a day and I cleaned up my diet so I'm happy. Pic from today, doing various splits at the gym

Ciao ciao for now ;)