New Rabbit

(Before I start, if you wonder why the hell my post is called "New Rabbit", read my section on training and ROC concept ;) ) About four months and a half ago I decided I needed to ease up the intensity of my training (mostly cardio) and modify my diet as well, let my stomach rest from too much fiber, nourish my body with different food, more fat and carbs, less protein and last but not least, have a mental break from controlling every once of food I was gonna chew.

Honestly I had a bit of a hard time at beginning, the feeling of guilt wasn't gonna help to enjoy some down time. But deep inside me I knew that it would have made me stronger and happier, I needed to learn to get out my routine without thinking I was gonna trash all my hard work. I've been eating some of my favorite food like bread, pancakes, potatoes, some fruit, nuts, peanut butter; I kept training, just cut my cardio by half and decreased intensity. Got back full force on pole dancing, making the most of the strength I gained from the extra calories and cutting cardio.

Me now :P

I recovered from past minor injuries, enjoyed travelling, forget about hunger, went out at night, in short I could open up on things I wasn't paying attention before, thinking they didn't matter but only reason why I was neglecting them was because I didn't let myself lose focus on diet and training for a second. Most importantly, I let go someone from my life, and that happened only because I opened up my heart again and meet someone else lol.

So today August 20th I wanna start slowly to reorganize my diet, take out stuff that spoiled me those months but I think I got enough of. I won't get back on same routine of last year, I wanna keep cardio to 3-4 session. Just cleaning up my diet and shed those few lbs of "live a little" or "happiness flab" like my mom call it. I don't see myself competing anytime soon, I just wanna do it for myself.

Also, I wanna thanks all of you who follow my page and blog. It really makes me smile to read your comments and knowing we run parallel paths, supporting each other on this life journey. Xo!