I found the button!

My lower back is killing me. Today I talked with my friend Terry (do you remember my car-photoshoot post?Lol) and he's very knowledgeable about anatomy, trigger point therapy, foam rolling and stuff, so he tried to find where my pain originated and DAMN he found it. It's like he pushed a BUTTON! Auch Auch :(

So what I'm gonna do is trying to work that area with my Lacrosse ball either on wall or floor, stretch my whole back more and avoid squats amd deads for a while... :( I'm pretty sure it's muscle related, the pain is similar to the one I had on my upper back a while ago (yeah I'm a mess! Ahah).

I sometimes think I can do whatever and my body will follow, just because I'm young and I stretch a lot... It's not true! Never think you're indestructible. Be careful, which doesn't mean train like a pussy... just train SMART!!!