I'm not a little girl anymore... and a special dish

Haven't posted much lately. Boooo!My mom is here and I'm taking her around South Beach, enjoying the ocean and trying to survive the heat lol.

I've been away from Milan (my hometown) almost 6 years now, and I adapted to different habits and lifestyle, so it's pretty funny when she comes visiting because she's so used to the city and she says I live like a wild person, little messy, eat whenever, don't take care of the house much lol.

My body as well changed significantly, since I used to be very skinny. "You look so American!" my mom realized :) but deep inside I'm always Italian, I'll never lose my roots, background and culture. I love how I could embrace the two words.

One thing I notice when you grow up away is that your parents and family are left little behind with what's happening in your life. They know you for the years spent together in the past, but the present is quite different and can be hard for them to understand how you changed. It's life and it's normal, we grow up and slowly we develop a different relationship with our parents, more adult and independent.

I'm having a good time, fortunately me and my mom get along most of the times ;) She's so cute and I make fun of her english. Like tonight, I recorded when she says "awful" lol too sweet!


We don't go out to eat often, why bother when she cooks things I LOVE like this

Curry chicken!!! With brown rice. SO FREAKING DELICIOUS

How to make it:

Get chicken breasts (one for each person), red onion, olive oil, curry powder, green apple, milk.

Cut the chicken in pieces and make it cook in a large pan with a tbsp olive oil and a sliced onion slowly, till cooked. Add curry powder and let it cook some more. Then add a little milk, stir and let it sit at least few hours... That's the secret! So the chicken really absorb the flavors. You can cook it in the morning and eat it for dinner like we did! Also, to make it even more tasty, you can add few crushed pistachios on top. Have some brown rice on the side if you wish ;)

Happy tummy!