More blogging on legs

I really love to train my legs. If you ask me what body part I know more exercises about is legs. I tried tons of stuff - now I can tell what works on me and what is just a waste of time. I know how often I need to train them, how long, how intense, how heavy. I love legs that look firm, strong, athletic without being too thick or masculine. Its been a long process ( 10 years?) but now training legs comes naturally and I never let a workout being ineffective!


That's how I work my legs: once a week, for about an hour and half. Usually I include one week plyometrics and lots of drop sets and supersets, to really fatigue them. Another week I do olympic lifts, squat, deads, lunges, step ups or split squat, leg press, leg curl, leg extension, pretty heavy. Another week it can be a mix of the two, with lighter weights. I make sure I have a kickass playlist on my ipod, a cup of coffee before and I'm good to go. Today I had a real good session! That's how it went down:

BB Squat 4x 12-15 reps

superset with sumo squat x12 on 2 bosu balls holding  60 lbs DB between my legs

superset with wide straight legs deads x12 with same DB (can't go heavy on those since I hurt my lower back a while ago)

Wide legs BB squat 2x15

superset with close legs squat (just bodyweight) 2x15

Split squat holding 25 lbs DBs 3x10 +10 without DBs

45° Leg press 4x12

On fours, butt kicks at Smith machine 3x12

Prone single leg curl 4x12

Leg press seated, alternating legs 4x20

Sometimes I have not many ideas and I'd pick 3 exercises and do lots of sets with them. Other times pick like 6-10 exercises and get a variety of stimuli to my legs from cables, barbells, dumbells, machines. Two machines I don't really like is hack squat and horizontal leg press. For some reasons I don't feel anything with those!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Now I'm going to see what my mom is cooking... She just got here from Italy and already owning the kitchen lol ;)