Keep it real

Till a year ago or so I thought all I wanted was to be lean to the bone. I put all my strength, focus and energy toward that goal. I don't regret it, I loved it, I learned much about myself like never before, I amplified my knowledge and experience, I competed, took great photos, it was worth it for the time being. I believed that was all I needed: to feel empowered, in control of my body and emotions, feel strong and capable of reaching my own extreme.

But months passed by and I started to ask myself, was it really all I wanted? Training so hard everyday, enjoying my routine for sure, some days less than others, but... JUST that? Didn't I know how else to live? Maybe that was what I knew BEST. But I couldn't fool myself thinking I wanted to live my life omitting the rest. A part of me NEEDED the rest of life, the company, the different emotions, so much, because in the end I'm human, like you are.

Where did all that motivation go? What was really keeping me so fired up? Excited to wake up and jump on a stepmill? The excitement of changes, results, that's what's up. Then it becomes ordinary, boring, questionable, there is no more you can do, you doing it all! You either switch things around or you end up hitting the wall. I didn't hit the wall because I saw it first and I slowed down lol. I realized that PUSH PUSH PUSH it's not a 365 days a year thing for me. I can be stricter, harder, more intense at times, slower, lighter, less "aggressive" other times. It's not being lazy but realistic, realistic about how life must be seen on more than just one plane- training/dieting plane. This is actually the secret to NEVER STOP and enjoy life simultaneously. Alternate the pace. Yep, because no matter where life will take me, I will train and eat healthy. It will vary, BUT IT WILL ALWAYS BE.

So my advice is keep it real. Don't risk to go so blindly hard at all costs unless you're doing it for a reason and a certain period of time. Do not miss the rest of your life, realize there are times where you can focus on different things. Travel. Family. Fall in love. New job. Learn to play poker... ahah ;)

On a side note, I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow! I can't wait to see team BUCETA and attend Overxxxposed 3... its gonna be siiiick!

To finish, this is a pic of today from my phone. Went to the beach and played the sexy mermaid... ciao!!!!