The need of deep and light

There are things I like in life, which differ enormously one to another. I like classic european history and philosophy, as I like translating dirty songs lyrics. Profound and shallow, deep and light stuff. I remember spending my teenage afternoons on piles of books, bored to death, forcing my young mind to grasp such deep, intricate, contorted thoughts those greek ancient philosophers had come up with, centuries ago. Even tho I preferred much more to go out with my friends, go shopping etc, I was fascinated by my studies. So much so that I sort of realized why I had to learn all that, it was a way to form my mind, prepare myself for life, grow deeply and consciously through priceless lessons someone in the past elaborated and passed on till these days. I was about to get my Bachelor in philosophy, but then I realized it would have driven me crazy. I couldn't bear on my shoulders so much deepness and wisdom, I'd have spent my life questioning life, the universe, the meaning of everything. Frustrating. So I went the opposite way and developed another passion: training. Physical, material, active. No thoughts but mechanics, sweat, muscles, body. Let my mind in peace for a while, live this material life I was given, not pretending to have all the answers, just enjoying the journey.

Still I think in live you gotta have something greater than daily ordinary suff to deal with. Read, research, meditate, pray, whatever make you connect with yourself and your thoughts, on a higher level. Something to believe in, to fight for, like freedom, honesty, loyalty, courage, family, love, friendship should be part of your life's goals. Something that makes you more than a creature of blood and flesh that just sleep, eat, work, repeat. I don't know why I'm here, when I'm gonna die, what does life mean, I wasn't supposed to know, so I just live and try to do it the best way I can, for me, for the people I love, for those I will love. So its good to be a deep and sensitive person, even if it might be hard sometimes, depressing, pain can be greater, but so happy moments. Every emotion is multiplied.

I love deep thoughts but I need silliness and fun to keep me sane. I like to laugh and dance. I like to not make any sense sometimes. Be a totally not serious person. So you should have your light moments, crazy, meaningless, to complete you and fill that hole of emptiness that the big unanswered life's questions leave you with. Because you can't be serious all the times, nor life can be lived as a constant drama. The hard part is to figure when things should be taken lightly, when serious. With time you learn. Just don't be a dumb jerk off your whole life... What a waste! Leave couple good actions after you ;)

One of my not-so-deep moments lol