Jump on that train, not in front

I haven't big sympathy for Bruno Mars, and every time I hear Grenade I change station, anyway it made me think about something this morning. I'm talking about trains as metaphor of occasions in life. Sometimes we are offered chances and hesitate to take them. Why? Mostly because we fear the unknown end result. What if I end up doing wrong? What if I'll regret it? I myself change my mind tons of times. But one thing I learned, when something FEELS right, from deep within you, most of the times it is. I'm a very organized type of person, I like to plan everything, hard for me to "go with the flow". I gotta make sure it's all good, under control. But doing this ALL the times might take away chances from me, because not everything can be planned, and you just gotta be bold and GO, give it a shot.

A change always brings goods. A static situation brings nothing if not the same thing over and over. Not so cool if you aspire for more. Everytime something "big" happened in my life, it never came by itself, it was ME that went out there, grabbed it, made it happen. So even tho I fear the unknown, I know changes and ACTIONS will always add something positive in life, in form of experience, people you meet, memories, jobs opportunities, maybe love?, places you never seen.

So I can't tell you yet what big decision I'm facing, but I gotta decide quickly. It sounds crazy to me now. But feels right at the same time. Crazy and right, never thought this two words would go together... I'll let Bruno smash himself under that train while I'm actually driving it...ahah yeeeaaaa.

Stay tuned peeps ;)