Be yourself. But you know who you are?

You know why it's so hard to be yourself? Because in reality you don't know yourself that much. Let me explain. We might know where are we from, our education, roots, family, culture, beliefs, likes, dislikes, tastes, goals, character... but since life is a learning experience and we never finish to grow and learn, we never fully know who we are, time and events changes us, our opinions evolve, some memories vanish, our mentality adapt to the new. When I was little I wrote on my room's wall a question, in capital letters : "NOTHING IS FOREVER? (NIENTE E' PER SEMPRE? In italian). It was a question that always fascinated me, which I couldn't give an answer. I wanted to find something that was forever but I couldn't, everything changes and so do we. Our self keep evolving.

This is why I think it's so hard to understand that sentence, "BE YOURSELF". Which self, which part of me should I be? The one who is responsible, the one who lives the moment, the one who follow the gut? The best me? What about the worst me? Because that's me as well. The lazy, worrying, annoying, negative side of me.

We can't be categorized, our being can't be associated to just a side, a behavior. I guess we must look at ourselves as a WHOLE, a mixture, a combination of feelings, with few predominant traits. Maybe THOSE make up who we are.

Being yourself is also living without worrying about what others think. Yes, I believe that plays a HUGE role. We all care too much about others opinion. What about our opinion? Confidence is the key. Once you are confident, you believe in yourself, act as you think is right, hence you are YOURSELF.

I'm having deep thoughts tonight. Feel like Plato lol...I think I'm just gonna be!