Why did I feel so uncomfortable?

Last night I went out with a girlfriend of mine that is here in Miami few days, she brought with her few other friends and we went to dinner. As soon as we sat at the table, her friends started smoking- not even bothering to ask if that was ok for the rest of us.

We ordered food and I was being nice even if they kept insisting to make me try a sip of beer, one fried shrimp etc, like if THAT was the focus of the night...? Make someone change his choices just so everybody feel on the same level? Forget about it.

They were not into sports, rather into drinking and smoking. If that's what you like I really don't CARE, not everyone is into fitness, healthy eating and no drinking, but WHY accusing someone to be "antisocial" etc, with that "joking tone" which is nothing but masked criticism? Plus, ehm... who the hell are you?

"What about YOUR CHOICES?" I thought. But I didn't want to get into a useless discussion with people so different and far away from me.

Call me boring, but I'm sick and tired of jokes about food choices, lifestyle etc. I don't think it's funny, but honestly quite RUDE.

I felt so out-of-place just being MYSELF, and what pissed me off the most was my INCAPACITY to get over them. How could I LET people I didn't even know to make me feel SO uncomfortable? Am I too well-educated, and when it comes down to deal with people like this I have no clue?I just don't understand them.

Homework for the future: work on my confidence. Don't let people make me feel like last night!