Homemade Protein Nut butter (peanut free)

I'm so excited about my last invention! I always wanted a nut butter that: contained a mixture of nuts, especially pistachios

didn't have peanuts in it

didn't have sugar (no honey, molasses, sugar cane etc) nor added oils

contained protein

wasn't a mess to stir

didn't cost a heck of money

So I made MINE! I went to the store and looked for some bags of salted, mixed nuts. My favorite are cashews, almonds and pistachios and I found the perfect one

I bought two of these (10 oz, 283 gr each) and thrown them in the blender. I started to chop them and slowly added a cup of egg whites and a pinch of stevia, kept blending for few seconds, stopping to stir the whole thing with a spoon. It was still very dense and thick so I added about 1/4 cup of almond milk. Blended again and stopped to stir few times.

It came out a paste that I poured into a Whole Foods container.

Best part was CLEANING the blender ahah! Mmmmm....

D E L I C I O U S.

I dipped in some carrots and voitlà, great snack. I haven't measured the macros yet, but I guess 2 tbsp would be a good amount to get some protein and healthy fats. You can also do a cocoa version by adding approx 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa, or 1/4 coconut oil instead of almond milk to make it even smoother. You can play with other nuts of your choice, add flaxseeds etc. TRY IT!