Know your "stabilizing food"

I've been writing training and diet journals since 2004. I almost never read them back and sometimes I ask myself what's the point of keep writing tons of diaries which are then stored and never opened. But yesterday I wanted to go through some of them to analyze my "diet patterns". I switched diet throughout the years, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst (getting too skinny or eating too randomly or too much of certain things), but I found that, in times where I felt great mentally and physically, there were some food as "constants", which I was eating daily and they were "stabilizing" my mood, cravings and overall hunger. It looks like they are: Some sort of starchy vegetables, like winter squashes or sweet potatoes

Anything nut butter (but NOT peanut butter)


And veggies, of course, but not lots of them.

Whenever I tried to diet without those, in a matter of days I was craving all sort of things, especially sweets. The interest thing is that I don't need like 2 cups of oatmeal or 3 sweet potatoes or a half jar of almod butter... I noticed that even a normal amount, like half cup or half potato or a tsp of nut butter, trigger a response in my brain, which says like "thanks, got it, I feel good even if its little". Call it sensory satisfaction, portion control went well lol... But it works. Yesterday I had the proof of it, had them all in right amounts, and felt SATISFIED. Its been so long I haven't feel constantly hungry, wanting to stuff myself. And I felt so good, much lighter and alert. Even when I used to fill my belly with fibers and vegetables, I wasn't satisfied, almost noxious at times. I'm not suggesting find a food you like and have a little (ah ah! Too easy ;) no cookies, ice cream or fries my friends) but find those two or three healthy items that you know you CAN control (I can't control peanut butter, so that's out) and have them daily. They should come from carbs or fat, nutrients we tend to avoid, which on the long run we inevitably crave for. Even when I was leaning out to the extreme, I NEVER had to renounce to my half cup oats or tsp of nut butter.

On a side note, reading my old diaries was quite interesting. The weirdest thing is, depending on what I was eating during a certain time of my life, I can recall all sort of memories-totally not related with food. For example, if you ask me "what were you doing May 2006, from the 10th to the 20th?" I can give you a pretty good idea of my mood, feelings, who I was seeing etc. Just by reading my diet!

This tells you how much mind and food are connected. I think in the future I see myself not only as a personal trainer but a psychologist or life coach lol. If you make peace with your mind, everything else follows. If your mind is stuck, undernourished, constantly deprived, stressed, get ready to crash, soon or later.

I'm halfway my recipe ebook, I'm making sure it will be special and with not the same old "you find it everywhere online" stuff. Ok done for now, talk soon!

PS: attaching some fun shots from 23rd May at Rehab, Vegas... party hardy!!! :P