What are you motivated for?

I'm going through some stressful time, nothing major but enough to make me feel anxious and sometimes worried. I force myself to go to the gym, especially for cardio am, because its one of the thing I'm sure make me feel more calm and relaxed afterwards. Weights are not a problem, the more I'm "stressed" the more I need them. But when your mind is busy and over thinking, even weight training become harder, because your focus is not there with you, so you gotta do an extra effort to concentrate. Food wise, I found it even harder. When I'm REALLY stressed, I don't want to eat. When the stress is kind of medium/constant, I wanna eat more, because of course food, after nourishment, is comfort. I think it's 100% true "if you want something, there are no excuses" but if you wonder why it's not working in your case, well maybe you don't really want that "something". Right now it's not being 6% bodyfat, training 7/7 what I want and I have no motivation for it.  Quite honestly, the "push your limits, train till you puke, don't be a pussy" kind of philosophy is getting on my nerves. God, give me a break. Like if anything has always to be a race after our limits. Everybody wanna be strong because everybody feel that it will help with being strong in life. Which partially it's true, but life tests you in tons of different ways, and is not the gym where you'll train for all of them.

Anyway... So where is my motivation now? I  have motivation to train hard, keep myself lean, because of course that what I love the most  but I'm also motivated to plan my future, decide where to live, spend time with people who matter in my life, see the word from another point of view, not just "fitness".

Motivation starts from a goal. And if the goal changes, motivation shifts as well. So depending on the goal you have in mind now, that is where you should find motivation. Money, family, relationships, work accomplishments, competitions, personal achievements. What are you motivated for?

On a side note, I'm working on my new recipe ebook and it's coming out great! I love to cook and I cook with love. Love is the most tasting ingredient ;) Coming out soon!