There is nothing wrong with your body

During my staying in Italy I got to analyze the differences between Europe and US as far as body image. I realized that wherever you go, there are different standards, and looks like I'd never fit in any. "Curvy feminine", "skinny fragile" are the most seen. I don't really care if I don't match the standards, actually I'm happy to differ, but took me time. Because in a way we wanna fit in the society we live in. When you are a teenager you feel the pressure to be accepted by your friends, then you look for an identity, try to find a role model, wanna be cool, beautiful and that most of the time starts with being skinny. "You lost weight!" sounds like the best compliment ever. So retarded if you think about it. Anyway you grow up but you still have a hard time to just be you. Do you even know who you are? Adolescence SUCKS. I'm so glad I'm out of it. But the quest for the perfect shape, the best body never end. Women are condemned to never feel comfortable with their body. If it happens, its temporary. And it's never gonna get better, actually harder once we start getting older, which happen EARLIER than men... women life longer but age earlier.

What I'm trying to say with this post is... there is nothing wrong with your body, really. You working out hard, eating right, clean, making every day worth it. You're FINE. Time to make your little brain-computer stress less.

It's funny because even when I should feel at my TOP, I always find something to fix. I wanna get more muscles when I'm shredded, I wanna lose weight when I'm more muscular. I'm impossible lol! Lately though I've been more forgiving with the way of looking at myself. I just wanna BE. I wanna keep training hard, enjoy my age, eat my food without over-thinking about minor things. I'm 26 and spent already 10 years being very harsh and judgmental with myself. Its time to move the focus away from inches of skin to an overall picture. Seeing myself as a whole, not just a machine, a body. Because your body is just fine once your mind accept a bigger picture, where the body is part of it, not all.

And hearing it from ME, one of the most body-fanatic of all times, believe me its a big thing ;)