Random about boobs and happiness

I was looking through our family library and I found some old books of photography. I already knew the 80's were my favorite years, and after those shots I became even more sure about it    

I love how the breasts of those women are natural and complement the picture, instead of being the primary FOCUS of it. Today first you see the BOOBS, then maybe the girl in the pic. What prevail in our society are either anorexic models (mostly for Fashion) or bombshells all "tits and ass" (Glamour). Even Fitness is moving into the tits and ass direction. I do understand women who get implants because had cancer or other reasons that changed drastically their breast shape. I just don't like how we got to the point where boobs are so determinant in someone's look. I too was considering to get implants, but I wont. Why? I couldn't find a real reason beside "they'd look nice and give me more symmetry". But whatever, I guess I'll stay happily asymmetric.

Now, for my food pics lovers, here is a fresh apple cake I tried for breakfast. A friend of my mom made it and its 100%natural with all "ROC approved" ingredients... Lots of apple and little flour. Will post recipe!

This instead was dinner

On another note, it's so amazing how we live much more together here, how lunch and dinners are most of all gatherings to talk and see friends and family.

Seeing my brother this weekend made me so happy, and seeing my mom happy made me even happier :)

Ciao for now!