Style, memories and Italian diet

It's always very refreshing to come back to my home town because I get to see how people habits and behaviors are different from America. For example, there is a "dress code" in a city like Milan. You won't ever see someone walking the streets in sweatpants and flip-flops. Men wear suits, women dresses, elegant pants, nice shoes, purses, necklaces, earrings. People are "more beautiful" to look at. They take care of their outfits, even if it's just for grocery shopping or walking out the dog. My mom kept many of my old things, so yesterday I went looking through them and I found those boxes

I remember this!!!! One day I took a fork and bent it with my hands to do a bracelet lol

I forgot about those... So pretty

Since I'm always working out or on a pole it's hard for me to keep much jewelry on, so beside my little elephant as necklace I don't wear anything. But I will wear those now :)

As far as food, I'm eating a variety of good things, including some carbs and fat I wouldn't have on regular basis, like multigrain bread, olive oil and mozzarella. But since I'm with my family and we always eat together, I eat very small amount of this food, adding to my meal a huge salad with my favorite tomatoes, carrots and tuna or egg whites. I'm not eating veggies other than salad basically! No time/ desire to cook. So I never overdo with the caloric stuff, and I'm giving my body some good new nutrients, taste and experiencing something I've always been bad at: MODERATION. You know why we are bad at moderation? Bc we stuff ourselves when we are alone. Would you stuff yourself eating at a table with other people? I don't.

Yesterday I couldn't train and I feel the abstinence. I need to get my muscle fibers firing, sweat flows, heart pumping, joints, bones, nerves "do their play". Will do legs this morning, I have a plan of destruction in mind... Can't wait!!!