Family and trees

I had a great 1h run this morning, I went first to the park, did 3 laps and then kept running through Milan's main streets. Once home I got ready to go visit my dad and Grandma, but first I had my breakfast: cooked oats and wheat bran on a bed of egg whites, a green apple

My dad and my Grandma live a little outside Milan, close to Lecco's lake. We went out for lunch, the day was beautiful

I'm getting so spoiled with the food... I'm not "cheating", I don't really need or want actually, because look at this, so delicious and healthy... who needs to cheat?

After lunch we went to my Grandma's home and since she got a real big cherry tree, me and my mom started picking up some cherries

... and I couldn't help myself but playing the "Cherry Goddess"

and best, the "Ass Tree"


I laughed a lot, had such a relaxing time... I already know I will miss all this. When I'm away I kinda get used to not see my family, but once I'm with them, it feels like I "never left", I realize what an unbreakable bond we have... nothing ever will set us apart. Family is one of the strongest forces that exist, the purest, unconditional love :)