"What sport do you play?"

This morning I gave myself another day to rest and went for a walk with my mom. I already miss my training, but I know I had a lot going on in my routine lately with my diet changes and travels, so I guess I can benefit from two days off. I like how in Italy we don't have big stores to buy everything, but tiny little shops, like the bakery, butcher, newsstand, stationery store etc. Here I'm at the newsstand, we buy everyday the news magazine, no matter internet etc we like to "hold the paper"!

We checked out some shops and I feel weird to walk around because I have so much more muscles comparing to ANYONE here, and it's not unusual to be asked if I'm a professional athlete or something. Well it happens in Miami too lol, but less often. Sometimes I say Volleyball, Tennis, or just the truth, I LOVE to workout...next time I'll say I play SUMO wanna see the reaction. LOL

Then I really wanted to check out some MAC products so we went and bought some stuff. I love MAC!

Once we got home I couldn't help myself but take a picture of the elevator...it's such an OLD, SLOW, SMALL one you wont believe it. It comes down with ROPES and looks like a CAGE...lol

For lunch I had two whole wheat friselle ( sort of wheat cakes), bresaola (a lean type of ham), a taste of mozzarella (fuck it! So amazing), salad with basil and my favorite tomatoes :)

our basil

Mr Tomato!

I just had a tea and my mom has this fantastic thing which filters the water and boils it afterwards... super cool. How comes I never seen it in US?

Talk soon... now going out with my city bicycle... I have one in any part of the planet ahahah!