Vegas wrap up: REHAB survival and day 10, 11, 12

My Vegas week ended and I'm on my way back to Miami, it has been a crazy, fun, memorable time... Feels like a day ago that I got here and did this video! Friday I got to train legs in the morning and had another LATE night out clubbing...till 9.30 am lol (It's Vegas baby!) and since I wanted to go to Paul's pool party I thought I could just go straight there, if I was gonna rest a bit home I doubt I'd ever woke up... Thankfully was my HIGH CARB day! So on my way to the pool party I stopped to a grocery store and grabbed breakfast: multigrain bread, sugar free jelly and greek yogurt. You have NO IDEA how hungry I was, how much I enjoyed it! With a cup of coffee of course ;)

"the morning after" face

I was so tired but I really wanted to go to Wet Republic (MGM Hotel), where the party was held. My friend Claudio (my angel!) came get me at the store like a package lol, and took me there. Unfortunately though I had forgotten my ID at home, so I went back to get it, by the time I got to the party there was a huge line already... So I decided to go home take a nap and try later in the afternoon. I had lunch at Peppermill, a famous Vegas breakfast spot, where I got an egg whites omelette and a plain old-fashioned waffle. More carby!

I got home at 2 pm, sore in my bones and joints... and it's funny because I fell asleep with a song from the club in my mind, the title totally fit the situation lol


Needless to say I never made it to the party! Slept forever. I can keep up with heavy training, but I'm a sucker at staying up all night... I had a lot of fun though ;)

Sunday morning, after almost 14 hrs sleep, I was fresh and ready for REHAB! Second pool party, at Hard Rock Hotel... I wasn't gonna miss this one. Had my low carb breakfast (back again on the low plan) which consisted of a green apple, cooked wheat bran and fat free cottage cheese. Shortly after I was out of the house hopping on a cab.

Rehab is the name of Hard Rock's pool, and it has quite a reputation. Basically if you make it till the end of the day, you officially survived the Rehab experience immune, that is not so easy as you might think lol. When I told a friend of mine I was going there, he warned me: "Rehab? Watch out you can get pregnant just by swimming in the water"...oooooh got it!!!!

Anyway I met Paul and Kim and we start the process of checking in the pool (worst then the airport! Lot of things aren't allowed). We get in at 10.30ish, waiting for the rest of the group to join us. Some people, knowing how crazy the line would have gotten, were smart enough to DRAG themselves from wherever they were and collapse few hrs on the floor before the party started, like this guy

you made it, buddy.

As more people were getting in, the music started pounding and eventually the place got super was INSANE! Something I'd never attend on a regular basis, since I don't party hard, drink etc, but why not for once, if you are  in Vegas, with super cool friends? :) We were such a kick ass group (Paul and Kim Buceta, Pat Ness, Fawnia Dietrich, Ashley Marie, Gianni Nicassio from Walk of the Earth Band and so many other which I apologize I can't name all)... Many "outsiders" joined our bed-spot, which became the loudest and with the most action above all :P

with Kim

welcome to the jungle

More pics to come!!!

The party didn't end till 7 pm... I had dinner with my girlfriend Ana in Planet Hollywood at Oyster Bay, where Claudio works and then went straight to bed.

Today off to the airport at 4 am! I feel dead tired, but very HAPPY, like my heart is filled with beautiful memories and people I love. I can't stress enough how important it is to have good people in your life, they really make a whole difference... It's ok to be by yourself but never forget the value of love and friendship, its the life's "juice".

Looking forward to the next trips!!!