Nightlife has a price!

I'm writing this post from a laying down-coma position and its 3pm...Let me state this first: I'm NOT a party person. You won't believe it but I almost NEVER go out in Miami, I'm too much into my routine of training and diet and as you know sleeping plays an essential role which can't be underestimated when following this lifestyle. So yeah, I'm one of those people who doesn't give a damn to go sleep at 9pm on Saturday night.


I also agree on having exceptions, those "let yourself go/live your life" situations. Which doesn't mean to get drunk, have random sex, pig out on diet, do drugs and such (at least IMO). I'm still trying to figure what "let yourself go" means, but I think to me is having few occasions out of the ordinary, like nights out, with good music, people, laughter and such... Which other place better than Vegas for this? As long as you know how to handle it ;)

Yes my first night out was definitely a good one- my lovely body didn't see a mattress untill 6.30am, had some vodka & sugar free Red bull on empty stomach which I decided to consider a meal (was all ice!!! lol), I danced and laughed... My friend Claudio can testimony I was having a good time lol. I'm so NOT used to alcohol- even a tiny bit- so it was pretty funny ...this is Vegas from the hill before sunrise

Anyway, I'm paying the price of my fun today. Which consist of: Being hungry as hell Feeling like a truck run me over twice Knowing I'm wasting a day in bed, couch etc (but I made it out for a quick bike ride out!) Having to deal with a sore, angry, bloated body and sausage feet. But its all good! I'm happy. I'm holding tight on my diet (day 9!) And just taking it easy today. Tomorrow is training and God knows what Friday night holds ;)

a meal of today here

and an updated pic from yesterday-post high carb day. Notice i cut my hair!