Red eyes and day 7, 8

So I got to Las Vegas last night, and no matter how many times I've seen the "Strip" (the main long street aka Las Vegas Blvd, if you didn't know), its always breathtaking... The lights, the hotels, the atmosphere, the excitement you can feel in the air.

I'm here to visit friends and be at the famous Paul Buceta summer party :) I just think that "anything Buceta" can't be missed lol, from the Overxxxposed show, the parties, shooting, blogging, videos etc... he's a charismatic, fun, down-to-earth, creative person with talent, skills and surrounds himself with people just like him. So whatever he does, I support, lol big fan here!

My friend Claudio picked me up at the airport with flowers (aww!) and took me to my girlfriend Ana's place...its so nice to stay with her, we know each other since two years almost and spent lots of good time together when I used to live here. We even got sick together last New Year's Eve spending the time in bed lol!!!

As far as my diet experiment, all under control. Yesterday I had a moment I was gonna blow it, tired, waiting for my flight, hungry etc... But I sucked it up, ate my food, had some diet coke and a gum to calm the hunger. Other 3 days low carbs and cals done! But not 1000 cals this time, I trained more and had on average 1350.

Today I woke up pretty tight and I got in another high carb day, to give you an idea, that's what I ate: egg whites, oat bran and an apple. Then about 300gr whole wheat bread with raisins, turkey ham. Cup of brown rice with brussels sprouts, boy choy and chicken, 1 oz carrot cake (no icing, butter or bad stuff in it). A piece of watermelon and pineapple. I'll have another meal with carbs and that's it. As far as exercise, foam rolling, stretching and some light cardio outside.

Now trying to make up the 4 hrs of sleeping of yesterday, that was me little bit ago to fight "Las Vegas red eyes" lol