Ready to Vegas and day 6

The other day I did a shoot for fitness here in Miami Beach at South Point Park, the crew was so nice and I had fun. We took this pic after I had my make up and hair done

Isn't it funny?? It reminds me one of those "Benetton" commercials, with so much diversity in just one picture... the hair stylist (HairbyNato) with all those tattoos, the make up artist (Ruth Tufaite) with short hair and braces :)

Anyway, today is day 6 of SROCD (Survivor ROC Diet) and surprisingly I feel "good". Well honestly doing legs this morning kind of sucked, I can tell the energy is not the same at all. Once your body adapts to having good dense, complex carbs (mainly mine were winter squashes) and you take them out completely, it is "painful"physically and mentally, but at the same time I'm excited because I like to experiment. I can tell my body is shrinking! I'm not weighting myself because I know with cycling calories I can experience lots of weight changes from one day to the other, so I'll wait and take the skin and mirror as referrals. Yesterday and today I didnt went all the way back down to 1000 cals a day, I kept few hundreds more. Still, very low to me.

As long as I'm not training heavy, I can handle the low calories. I might feel little weak during the day and hungry, but it comes in "waves": when my body feels the caloric deficit, start to protest, making me nervous and weak, then when "he"sees I dont listen, calms down and shut it...then try again to protests etc.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Vegas! I love/hate that place. I love it because I feel in Wonderland, I get to go out at night and have most of the times SERIOUS fun... but I also hate it because it messes me up, tires me like hell and makes my training miserable! But just few days is perfect.

I just need to pack "smart", bring the food I absolutely need (my wheat bran for example!!!!) and I'll be fine. I have the tendency to overworry about food when I travel. I'm afraid I wont find the right things to eat etc...then once I'm there I realize I'm not on MARS, there is chicken, vegetables, eggs everywhere lol. Food gives me "security" in a way. I can be without a gym, but I can't be without clean food.

Talk soon! Going to catch some good zzz... I'll miss it the next days, I know that!!!!