Day 5 and chilling

So yesterday I had a 10 hrs "carb load". I didnt do 24 hrs as planned, nor I reached the 740gr carbs I was supposed to. I felt very full at 540gr, so I stopped there. I think my body got "the message" (famine is over! Let's boost metabolism! Build muscle! Restore leptin, insulin levels! etc), and I was happy with that. I loved my carbs and was a very relaxing afternoon, I did a quick back workout in between meals but the carbs already were slowing me down, so I took it "easy".

Really love honey!

This morning I had a good cardio session and thrown some plyo in it as well. So today I'm back very low carbs and cals, still havent count them but I should be again around 1000. Just a quick update for you, I'm tired and will just chill tonight ;)

Talk soon peeps, have a great weekend!